Scott Donald. Australia's leading dog trainer.


K9 Master Class Training Basics

Narrated by Rebecca Harris, Presenter of Channel 9's Animal Hospital, K9 Master Class is a complete, DIY dog training program - with everything you need to know about obedience training your own dog!

Product Description

Save money, train at your own pace, at home or at the local park, get the kids involved and learn everything you'll need to know about your best friend!

K9 Master Class Training Basics includes:
  • Overview of SOX Method of Dog Training
  • Step by Step SOX Method video lesson plans, with diagrams and clear instructions
  • Supporting field notes for each lesson, for use on location
  • Advanced Exercises
  • Long Leash Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • 200 page Training Manual – which you can refer to for more information
Sample lesson: Correcting your dog's behaviour

'Corrections' are a very important part of training. They're given to a dog to discourage a behaviour we don't want. Scott's method to correct a dog's behaviour is a respectful, non confrontational approach which very clearly shows the dog the right behaviour.

It's an approach which replicates the normal behaviour exhibited by the dog's mother so it's far more successful than other methods which focus only on rewarding 'positive' behaviour with treats and rewards.